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Family Group Conferences

Tim Fisher, Family Group Conferences Manager from Camden Council has very kindly agreed to write up a brief introduction to FGCs and why they can be useful for a Kinship family.


Why hold an FGC?

We think families are able to make the best decisions and plans for their children.  To do this, family members are given information about the child or young person's situation by professionals.  Families can then make a plan about the child's future.  FGCs can be the meeting at which Kinship Carers step forward and agreements for the future are made with the whole family.  Families who are involved with Social Services can take decisions to keep their children safe and agree a plan for Social Services to safely withdraw and leave it to the family to take control.  Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Family Friends; all involved members of the family network can attend and contribute.  FGCs are organised by someone independent and the family get time alone to talk and make their plan.  They are a chance to have your say, make decisions, strengthen the family and repair relationships if needed.

You, the family, are the experts.

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