Kinship "Foster" Carers
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KINFEST is now a non-profit organisation.

Our aim is to raise funds to enhance not only the Annual Kinfest but also short breaks and days out for Kinship families.

If you are able to donate or wish to fundraise for us, please contact us 

The little extras we provide on these get togethers really make a huge difference to the children and families.

We realise we are not a "glamorous" cause but we hope you agree that it is a worthy one.

Our thanks go to those individuals and organisations who have already pledged and given.

Thank you from every Kinship child, carer and sharer that will benefit!
 * * * * *
Kinfest Past Present and Future!
A Huge thanks goes to those individuals who have donated gifts, time and money and also the following organisations and professionals.
The Kent Foundation Trust
The Barbour Trust
Balfour Beatty
Martin Narey
 Tata Global
Wilkinsons Store (Rainham, Kent)
Barrett & Coe (photo packs)
 La Tasca
Welcome Break.
Well on 28th July 2012, it was time for the 3rd annual Kinfest at Southview!   This time over 30 families attended.  with more coming for days during the week!
Thanks to the kind donations of several companies and individuals it promised to be the best yet!
On Saturday as was now a tradition the families gathered at Shelly's caravan for the distribution of Goody bags for the children along with some pocket money for rides and a family bag of treats.
 On Sunday we held a Carvery at the hotel Southview Kindly let us have exclusive use of there function room and their staff did a wonderful job of feeding us all and providing the kids with an icecream treat.
The meal finished, water pistols were given out to all the children old and young for a bit of fun later! (although some could not wait that long!)
Wednesday it was everyone down the beach!!  Not for the faint hearted!  braving the wind and occasional rain we all went down there armed with buckets, spade, kites and a picnic!  Fun was had by all!
Thursday was a BBQ and family fun day The older children did a wonderful job with face painting for the younger ones, whilst the men stood over the BBQs cooking and the women chatting!
Friday was time for our very special guest Malcolm a Martial Arts Instructor who kindly gave up his time to join us, the children loved it!  Charlie Muddles did his magic show and gave out balloon animals. We also had a raffle, Treasure Hunt  Bubble wands and more to raise funds for next year.  W also had our awards but unfortunately British weather intervened and it had to be cut short!
Finally THIS is why we do it!!  
* * * * * 
On 6th August 2011, we held our second Kinfest holiday at Southview Leisure Park in Skegness.

26 families descended on the park for the week with many more joining us for the odd day or couple of days.

The Saturday was manic as all the kids arrived at Karen and Shelly's caravan to pick up their goodie bags, security wristbands and
hats and badges. The kids all played outside whilst the adults enjoyed cups of tea and coffee and a natter.

On the Sunday, 85 us went to Wolfie's Diner for a Roast dinner; organised by Cassie. The food was superb with the biggest yorkshire puddings we had ever seen;
everyone scattered around the tables, the kids found friends from last year or sat with other kids making friends, the adults got to know each other and it was an amazing sight to
see everyone getting along and chatting away like old friends; even more amazing as most of us had never met in reality, just on the internet.

On the Monday, we had the balloon launch which was ably organised by Laura and Cassie.
Loads of people came for the day to witness the release and the grey skies turned blue long enough for the balloons to float away.

The rest of the week was spent doing things with our families or in small groups; some of us went to a small beach, some went to the pleasure park, etc.
On the Friday, we had our Kids Ceremony and Presentation, Charlie did a magic show and all the kids were presented with a small cup and
the adults told the kids why they were special to them.

Highlights of the holiday for Shelly were ...... one child being constantly brought back by the "nice Curity Man" and a couple of others being caught playing hook a duck with the
real ducks and a fishing net. There were so many laughs and so much fun that we can't wait to do it all again next year.

                      At the beach              Kids goodie bags (before)     Kids goodies bags (after)           Kinfest 2011 hats               Kinfest safety wristbands         Kids getting ready for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Friday magic show

* * * * *

August 2010 saw our first Kinfest!  it was just a small group of carers from across the UK that decided it would be fun to meet up on a holiday.  Skegness was deemed as central enough for everyone and holidays were booked.  Little did these 10 or so families know, what a benefit it would prove to be not just for the carers but the children, being able to "normalise" their family life with others in similar situations, but also for the "sharers" who have accepted these children into their lifes, sharing their parents, rooms and pocket money, whilst often having to come to terms with the distressing family circumstances that led to the children being placed in their parents care. And so this was the start of bigger and better!!

* * * * *
Well, plans for Kinfest 4 are well underway, It is being held for the third time at Southview Leisure Park Skegness for 1 week in August 2013.
All carers and their children are welcome to join us for the week or even just a day, or two.

Kinfest 2013 promises to be a holiday to remember!  Yet again, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make this even better than previous years!

For details of our exclusive discount and further information please email us.