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Travelling Ted

Say hello to our Kinship Bear!
During 2014 he will be travelling around the UK to promote awareness and raise much needed funds for Kinfest and Grandparents Plus.

We cannot do this without your help and support!  
For every £2 raised it will enable him to travel 1 mile.

Funds will be split 50/50 between Grandparents Plus and Kinfest to help support Kinship families with advice, friendship and most importantly to help fund days out and treats for the children to give them childhood memories they deserve!

We were busy down in Kent getting him in training  for the tour and as you can see he loves a bit of sight seeing with the families!

We had a problem though...we needed a name!
Well, who better to ask than the Kinship children themselves on what he should be called!
With lots of brilliant suggestions it was a very hard choice but the winner of the Name the Bear competition was Dominic aged 9, who won a game kindly donated by Hasbro!
Well done Dom! 

 So on 27th December 2013 at our Christmas get together in Northampton, Kristopher the Kinship Bear's tour was launched!

 There are many Kinship "Bear Minders" and children eagerly awaiting Kristopher's visit so please help us by donating whatever you can spare. 

 You can check on his progress and his adventures along the way by following him on
  Twitter @kinshipted
 and on his very own Facebook page

 To donate please go to 

Kristopher will also have plenty of sponsorship forms on him too. 

 As well as raising funds we hope that the tour will go some way to help in raising awareness of Kinship Care and so a number of our members will be promoting the tour through the media and sharing their stories on being a Kinship Carer, the issues they face and the rewards.

 For further details please contact either by email

 Or phone Sam on 0208 981 8001